vendredi 6 mai 2011

examexam... suite

Comme promis, voici la suite et fin de mon sujet d'examen! Premièrement, la maquette du stand promotionnel, précédemment présenté sous forme de dessin... Deuxièmement, les deux étapes du buzz internet, comprenant un story-board d'une vidéo qui serait diffusée sur des sites de type YouTube et une description du site sur lequel on serait dirigé à la fin de la vidéo.
Pour les détails, normalement tout est décrit dans la partie 3... =)


As I had promised, here is the following and ending part of my exam subject! Firstly, the model of the promotionnal stand, previously introduced under a drawing shape... Secondly, the two steps of the internet buzz, consisting of a story-board of a video that would be spread on websites, kind of like YouTube and a description of the website to which we would be linked at the end of the video.
For details, it should be all described in the third part... =) (For a quick translation, see below)


The video spread on the web links to the official Sweetti Frutti website, on wich we can watch the video again and participate to the game, which is part of it.
As in the video, we choose a candy to plant and take care of it until it grows and becomes a tree (the Sweetti Fruittier is kind of a pun, can be translated by the Sweetti Fruit Tree). And several actions are possible to take care of the young trees in level 1.

In level 2, The Sweetti Fruit Tree grew, some other possible actions have been added. We can also change teh setting, depending on teh water and sun needs of our tree.

In level 3, the "fruits" have appeared and we discover what type our tree is. We can from now gather the fruits thanks to bag and receive some gifts from the site!

Comme je l'ai dit auparavant, je ne suis pas très fière de la chose, mais c'est tout ce que j'ai pu trouver! Donc, désolée, mais je ne travaillerai pas pour des évènements internet!! ^^


As I've said previously, I'm not really proud of that thing, but it's all I could find! So I'm sorry, but I won't work for internet events!! ^^

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