vendredi 16 septembre 2016

<>-- Une nouvelle naissance --<>

    Je reviens enfin plus d'un mois après mon dernier post ! C'est que... Le temps me manque un peu pour avancer sur de nouvelles choses !! :) Mais, comme le montre l'extrait ci-dessus, la deuxième illustration pour mon projet d'album est bien en marche !! On dirait bien qu'il s'agit de la naissance du héros... Et je me suis amusée à faire tout plein de petits brins de paille ! Haha ^^
En tout cas, j'ai hâte de la terminer, que ce projet prenne un peu corps :)


    I'm coming  back at last more than a month after my last post ! It's that... Time is missing a bit to move forward on new things !! :) But, as the extract above is showing, the second illustration for my children's book project is well on its way !! It seems so that it's about the birth of the hero... And I had fun to do many little sprigs of straw ! Haha ^^
Anyway, I can't wait to finish it, so that project starts to take some consistence :)

jeudi 11 août 2016

<)(> Let's celebrate ! <)(>

    Mon projet en collaboration avec l'auteur Christos compte à présent une planche terminée ! Ouf ! Ce fut un peu long (depuis le temps que je n'avais pas fait de grandes illus comme ça ! On rouille !!) mais ça y est, celle-ci est terminée :)
La suite risque d'être assez longue, mais même si très occupée, je ne lâche pas l'affaire ;) Je vous tiendrai au courant de la suite, dans la limite du possible ! (Je ne veux pas non en dévoiler trop :))

Sur ce, bonne fin de semaine à tous ! <3


    My project in collaboration with the author Christos is now counting one board done ! Phew ! It was a bit long (after such a long time that I hadn't done those kind of big illustrations ! We get rusted !!) but that's it, this one is done :)
The rest will be most likely rather long to come, but even if very busy, I'm not letting go of it ;) I will kep you updated for what's next, as far as I can ! (I don't want either to unveil too much :))

On that note, good end of a week to everybody ! <3

vendredi 29 juillet 2016

Tel le lapin d'Alice...

... Je suis toujours en retard !! En effet, j'ai oublié de poster des petites nouveautés par ici !
Depuis bien des mois, je travaille sur un projet d'album avec l'auteur Christos, et même si ça n'avance qu'à petits pas, les progrès se font quand même sentir.
Donc je laisse ici à qui veut un petit aperçu de mes croquis pour ce projet. En espérant que ça vous plaise :)
Et je vais tâcher de ne pas oublier de poster un autre aperçu d'ici quelques jours !!


... I'm always late!! Indeed, I forgot to post some little news around here!
It's been months that I'm working on a book project with the author Christos, and even if it's moving on only with little steps, progress can still be felt.
So I leave here for who wants a little hint of my sketches for this project. Hopefully you will like it :)
And I will try not to forget to post another hint in most likely a few days !!

jeudi 12 mai 2016

!! Many news !!

Here they are !!!

    This is what my "secret project" was all about ! My spring animals have been made in collaboration with the little shop Harjun Paperi in Jyväskylä, Finland. And here is the result, four brand new postcards. On sale in the shop since Tuesday and on their Facebook page, these postacards have already been sent to reprint ;)
I am really, really happy about this project because I loved painting those animals and most of all, I'm happy I've been trusted. And it seems it has success ! :)
For those who don't live in Finland and would be interested in buying one of or all the cards, you can leave me a comment or just send me a mail to the adress at the right top of the page :
I have some in stock myself ;) 

    And to make this experience even greater, I have been offered just a bit more than a week ago to settle an exhibition along with two other classmates of mine. We are all studying Finnish in this "school for adults" but the same building include also no other than the main library of the city, which is also the main library of the whole area of Central-Finland ! It started on Friday the 6th and will stay until the 20th. It is a real pleasure, albeit a bit of pressure, to expose there :)

    But because two never comes without three, I have a third great piece of news to announce.
I have been invited this year again to a meeting around the book, organized by the bookshop La Portée des Mots in Salon-de-Provence, France ! These adorable people had welcomed me already last spring to present my work and sign my freshly released book.
This meeting starts at 10, on the place down from the castle, and it's going to be amazing I'm sure ^^ I can't wait to be there !!!


mercredi 4 mai 2016

*/*\* Ça pique ! */*\*

    Voilà, cette boule de pics marque la fin de mon projet ! Mes quatre bestioles vont prendre vie sous une autre forme, que je vous dévoile plus tard dans la semaine. J'ai hâte de pouvoir vous en parler !! Entre autres choses, je vous parlerai également de deux chouettes évènements auxquels je vais participer ce mois-ci. Le mois d'avril fut intense et le moi de mai promet de l'être aussi !!
J'espère que cette série vous aura plu et je vous attends avec impatience pour vous donner plus d'amples détails !


    Here it is, this ball of prickles settles the end of my project ! My four beasties will be brought to life under another form, that I unveil for you later this week. I can't wait to be able to talk about it !! Among other things, I will also talk to you about to lovely events to which I'll take part this month. The month of April was intense and the month of May promises to be as well !!
I hope that you will have enjoyed thi series and I'm looking forward to giving you furthermore details !