dimanche 22 novembre 2015

T-shirt party !

    Hello tout le monde !
Aujourd'hui, j'ai besoin de vous. Vous qui passez par hasard (ou pas) sur ce blog et qui prenez la peine de regarder mon travail.
Il y a de cela quelques semaines, j'ai été contactée par Mister Dress-Up, qui est une boutique en ligne de T-shirts, imprimés en édition limitée avec des visuels de divers artistes.
On m'a donc proposé de leur envoyer une des mes illustrations pour qu'elle soit à son tour imprimée sur un T-shirt ! Mais je ne sais que choisir... C'est pour cette raison que j'apprécierais si vous pouviez donner votre avis sur lequel de ces visuels vous imagineriez le mieux sur un T-shirt blanc :)

En bonus, ceux d'entre vous qui auront voté pour le visuel gagnant se verront sélectionnés pour un petit tirage au sort, à l'issue duquel vous pourrez gagner le dit T-shirt ! :) (toutes tailles pour filles, garçons et enfants)

Merci d'avance !!

Edit : J'avais oublié de signaler la date de fin des votes... Du coup, en ce matin du lundi 30 Novembre, les votes sont clos et le tirage au sort a eu lieu. Désolée pour cet oubli :(


    Hello everybody !
Today I need you. You, who come across randomly (or not) on this blog and who take the time to look at my work.
A few weeks ago from now, I've been reached by Mister Dress-Up, which is an online store for T-shirts, printed in limited edition with diverse artists' visuals.
I've then been suggested to send them one of my illustrations so it can be itself printedon a shirt ! But I don't know which one to choose... That's the reason why I'd appreciate if you could give your opinion about which one of those visuals you would imagine best on a white shirt :)

On top of that, the ones of you who will have voted for the winning visual will be selected for a little draw, after which you will be able to win the said shirt ! :) (every sizes for girls, boys and children)

Thank you already !!

Edit : I had forgotten to precise the date for the end of the votes... Hence, in this morning of Monday, November 30th, votes are closed and the draw has been done. Sorry for that oblivion :(

samedi 7 novembre 2015

INKTOBER ! (Part.3)

    I know... We're not in October anymore... But anyway, some of those were made while it was STILL October and I will still try to reach the 31 drawings, if my imagination can hold until then :)
It will also be a matter of do I have enough time to do it with all the new things that are adding up lately in my life. Not to mention projects I have for such a long time in mind and for which it's time to move on !!
Actually, all these 4 drawings have been inspired by my environment. And I mean... Really inspired. Of course inspiration comes all the time from everything but it was when looking at what was around me that I was instantly transpose them into a black and white drawing. My favorite may be the one with the bird, because that view was so lovely and so graphic, if I may. It's possible that I wanto to do it again, in a better and more precise way, and with some colors. What do you think ? :)

   The first drawing has been inspired by the autumn leaves that literally cover the ground on mornings I'm working. They're from all shapes to all colours and it creates such a lovely patchwork.

   The second drawing is absolutely nothing else than descibing in my own language what I saw one afternoon while going to walk. A bird in the middle of this skinny but lovely bush...

   The third one is more or less a painted reproduction of a picture that can be seen in the booklet of the album Ghosts of Loss, by Swallow The Sun. The photographer is Tuomo Lehtonen.

   And the last picture is after a vision I had of the moon one night. It was a big, very colored half-moon, and I could see as if it was lemon slices... With its border really brighter thatn the rest, and quite thin. So that was my interpreation !

And so here you were for the explanations :)