dimanche 22 décembre 2013

jeudi 19 décembre 2013


   Noël approchant, il faut faire preuve d'un peu d'imagination pour confectionner des petits cadeaux ! En ce moment, j'aime assez m'essayer (à nouveau) aux signes astrologiques... Dans des styles différents, dans des techniques différentes...
Cadeau pour ma maman.
(Note : les petits crabes en feutrine sont de la marque Artemio)

techniques : acrylique, papier découpé, pastel gras, gouache


   Christamas coming, we have to show some imagination to make some little presents ! Those days, I quite like to try myself (again) to the astrological signs... In different styles, with different techniques...
Gift to my mom.
(Note : the little felt crabs are from the brand Artemio)

techniques : acrylic, cut paper, oil pastel, gouache

mercredi 11 décembre 2013

Couleurs de l'automne

Juste un petit essai de style, pour le plaisir...
C'est en rentrant chez moi l'autre soir que j'ai été ébahie devant les fourrures rosées des arbres, se balançant au milieu des collines dorées... Cela m'a donné envie de les peindre ^^

Acrylique et gouache pour le premier
Aquarelle pour le second


Just a little style test, for the pleasure...
It's when coming back home the other evening, that I have been amazed in front of the pinkish furs of the trees, rocking in the middle of the golden hills... It made me want to paint them ^^

Acrylic and gouache for the first one
Watercolor for the second one

mercredi 4 décembre 2013

** The struggling leaves ** (Design for KoRn)

Design contest for KoRn (closed)

" Take me away
Set me on fire
There's no other way

Give me a reason cause I got nothing to gain
So what are we doing now ?
Feeling complacent I cannot be contained
I'm so lost and lonely now"

When the inside is bleeding, when the mind is in a maze, we wish we could just extract our heart from our body, for it is here that all the pain and dispair happen. But we may tear down its fragile layers over and over again, it seems that our feelings will always catch us back and won't give us any rest. The only thing left to do it seems, is to run. Wherever. And for as long as it's needed.

This overall interpretation found inspiration in some parts of the lyrics while the music, during the chorus, brought its touch by emphasizing a feeling of being aspirated into an endless tunnel...

I am quite happy and proud of this illustration, so I hope you will like it too =)