samedi 22 juillet 2017

* One More Light *

I was planning, and hoping, to post another illustration today, but things can sometimes be unpredictable.
Yesterday, I heard with immense sadness that one of the most influential artist of my life had passed away.
Linkin Park is the first band I ever was a fan of, and this is mainly thanks to them that I listen to all the great music that accompanies me in my life today.
Past the sadness, the incomprehension, the sympathy for family and friends and the pain of realizing all
the things it now means, I realized I couldn't not do something today in his memory.
So here is my tribute, done in just a few hours and with still that open wound that many fans around the world are feeling right now. But I had to, and even if at time it was really hard to continue, I guess it's also a help for me to say goodbye. Hopefully, a good goodbye.
RIP Chester

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