samedi 7 novembre 2015

INKTOBER ! (Part.3)

    I know... We're not in October anymore... But anyway, some of those were made while it was STILL October and I will still try to reach the 31 drawings, if my imagination can hold until then :)
It will also be a matter of do I have enough time to do it with all the new things that are adding up lately in my life. Not to mention projects I have for such a long time in mind and for which it's time to move on !!
Actually, all these 4 drawings have been inspired by my environment. And I mean... Really inspired. Of course inspiration comes all the time from everything but it was when looking at what was around me that I was instantly transpose them into a black and white drawing. My favorite may be the one with the bird, because that view was so lovely and so graphic, if I may. It's possible that I wanto to do it again, in a better and more precise way, and with some colors. What do you think ? :)

   The first drawing has been inspired by the autumn leaves that literally cover the ground on mornings I'm working. They're from all shapes to all colours and it creates such a lovely patchwork.

   The second drawing is absolutely nothing else than descibing in my own language what I saw one afternoon while going to walk. A bird in the middle of this skinny but lovely bush...

   The third one is more or less a painted reproduction of a picture that can be seen in the booklet of the album Ghosts of Loss, by Swallow The Sun. The photographer is Tuomo Lehtonen.

   And the last picture is after a vision I had of the moon one night. It was a big, very colored half-moon, and I could see as if it was lemon slices... With its border really brighter thatn the rest, and quite thin. So that was my interpreation !

And so here you were for the explanations :)

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