lundi 13 octobre 2014

Just some little things...

   First off, as promised, I'm gonna show you how the prints tree looks like when it gets its leaves ! At this point it wasn't finished yet but you can see that the evolution was good enough. And someone even printed a leaf on the ground, just like I had imagined :3
I've been complimented a lot about it and I know the main interested people love it too, so that is really rewarding and pleasant to hear :)

   Secondly, events happen a lot lately around me, and I was pleased to take part in the making of gifts for again another birthday. What was great is that I know I share the same tastes as the person I was making the gifts for (despite the 24 years separating us... Another proof that age doesn't matter !), so I was doing these as if they were for myself and I almost wanted to keep them, haha ! And bingo, she really loved the wristband in particular.
... As a matter of fact, pretty much everybody loved it and I got a few subliminal requests for the same one ! So I throw it here randomly in case, but I'll know better later what future promises, that if you're interested in having the same wristband... You can leave me a comment :)

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