mercredi 5 octobre 2011

A few things not to forget

I'll tell you a story that ended a month ago...

Once upon a time, and I let you dream...

The great thing about stories, it's that everybody in the end can interpret them the way they want, be touched by some things for which some others would not be, and then create an intimate link with them. I like the fact of not saying where it is (some pictures are recognizable enough so you can guess though ^^) and letting the pictures talk by themselves instead.
The only difference between the stories these pictures will tell you and the one it is telling me is that for me...
Thank you. =)


And the other great thing about stories is when we have many to tell... So here is another one, even easier to guess the place! ^^
But still the same...
Thank you to you too =)


But there is still one left that is waiting to be told... Which started for some reasons but happened to continue for different others, and ended on a funny note!
And hey... I have to thank you as well, especially for having comforted me for my first plane trip!! ^^

 The End.

I just wanted to precise that if this time I wrote only in English, it was because of the even-more-than-usual-international content of this post, and also because some instinct lead me to do so, I guess ^^

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